Phar Warner (pharwarner) wrote,
Phar Warner

By the Square, by the Level, and by the All Seeing Eye.....

The only religious group I've really appteciated is the Freemasons. And it appeals to me... They've been after me since about 1998. I agree with an organising force along those lines. You can interpret the laws of physics as a form of 'higher organisation.' But even in the Freemasons, two of whom I know that I met at Friday's service, it seems that human frailties foul the whole thing up. Freemasonry is still full of 1950s disciples of that great book "How to Win Friends and Influence People". What's in it for them and their business lives? I'm in weekly receipt of what our local Lodge does, and at least twice a year I'm there in some capacity or other. They've lost their way, they use those who do believe in the idea of "helping a brother" as slaves! Some 'younger' guys are there. Heck, 'young' like me in my 30s, but what's it for? If it's just for charity, join Rotary, or The Lions Club. If it's for a deeper meaning, Then..... I don't know. If they could articulate it to me, I'd join!
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