Phar Warner (pharwarner) wrote,
Phar Warner

The Australian 2011 VW Kerfuffle

My family have been working for and driving VWs since the 1950s. We've been advocates for the company and proud owners. Until one member of the family bought a 2011 Golf. It conked out on the first test drive. We believed the stammering salesman when he said it wasn't a problem. More fool us and our faith in VW.... It ran rough from day one. It stalled a few times. So the family member asked me to take it to the dealer to be looked at. So I took it down on the freeway at 110kph. And it suddenly dropped into low gear. There was a semi trailer behind me. And if I hadn't swerved into the emergency lane I'd have been another statistic.... I'm now disgusted and embarrassed by VW. They trade off a reputation for reliability that was gained 40 years ago with a different car. I'll happily drive my 1962 Australian made Beetle. It runs smooth... It doesn't try to kill me or members of my family. It's nothing like a Golf!
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