Phar Warner (pharwarner) wrote,
Phar Warner

Carnivorous Parrots

I was driving to work last week early in the morning when I came across a small squashed marsupial on the road in the middle of my lane. A brush tailed possum, possibly. Nothing too unusual on the edge of suburbia, I hear you say. What was beyond unusual, and entering the downright creepy was the two ring necked parrots sitting on top of the carcass. Tearing at the flesh. Eating it. With so much intense determination that as I approached they didn't fly away. I couldn't swerve, so seeing their lack of preparedness I thought it best to drive over them and hope my high ground clearance would leave them unharmed.

Fortunately, it did. So in my rear view mirror I saw two surprised parrots recover from their fright and return to.... eating a dead possum. I like to think I know parrots. I've loved them and been around them for as long as I can remember, and I've never seen a parrot so preoccupied or determined. Or eating raw meat. A dietary need I've never been aware of? Zombie parrots? Either way, this has disturbed me. Ring necked parrots have always been my least favorite parrot  and now that I know they might go all Alfred Hitchcock on me next time I take a nap in the park, they've moved down even further in my estimation.

But seriously, has anyone ever heard of or seen a parrot eat meat? There must be a reasonable explanation for this behaviour.
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